OnePlus Open 5G - 512GB 16GB RAM

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7.82-inch Flexi-fluid AMOLED with LTPO 3.0
6.31-inch Super Fluid AMOLED with LTPO 3.0
48 MP + 64 MP + 48 MP Triple Camera
20 MP Selfie Camera | 32 MP Cover camera
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Processor
512GB UFS 4.0 + 16GB LPDDR5X with RAM-Vita
67W SUPERVOOC Charging

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Unveiling the OnePlus Open 512GB 16GB RAM Elevate Your Tech Experience

512GB Storage Marvel

Experience the epitome of storage luxury with the OnePlus Open 512GB. This cutting-edge smartphone offers an immense 512GB of storage space, ensuring you never have to compromise on your digital treasures. From an extensive library of high-resolution photos to a vast collection of apps and games, embrace the freedom of limitless storage. Say goodbye to the woes of running out of space and welcome a new era of digital abundance.

Unlock unparalleled possibilities with a device that empowers you to capture, store, and enjoy every moment without constraints. Whether you're a photography enthusiast, a gaming maestro, or a productivity maven, the OnePlus Open 512GB is your gateway to seamless, storage-rich experiences.

Capture Every Nuance: Pro-Level Photography

Elevate your photography game with the OnePlus Open 512GB's advanced camera capabilities. Dive into a world of creativity as you capture stunning shots with the pro-level camera system. With features like ultra-wide-angle lenses, nightscape mode, and AI-enhanced shooting, every photo becomes a masterpiece.

Illuminate your social media feed with images that tell a story, capturing every nuance and detail. From picturesque landscapes to vibrant portraits, the OnePlus Open 512GB transforms every click into a visual spectacle. Unleash your inner photographer and let the world witness your unique perspective.

Seamless Performance: Flagship Power Unleashed

Embrace a seamless and powerful user experience with the OnePlus Open 512GB. Packed with cutting-edge technology and the latest innovations, this smartphone is a powerhouse of performance. Whether you're multitasking between apps, streaming high-definition content, or engaging in graphics-intensive gaming, the OnePlus Open 512GB delivers unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Fueling this exceptional performance is the lightning-fast processor, ensuring swift responsiveness and smooth operation. Elevate your daily tasks and entertainment experience with a device designed to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle. Unleash the full potential of technology with the OnePlus Open 512GB.

Dual ProXDR displays

Twice as depth-defying, twice as epic.

Perfected for Dolby Vision, dazzling dual displays are brighter and sharper than your average Pro phone or tablet – even under the sun.

ProXDR displays, in and out.

Step it up for HDR. Witness extreme dynamic range, next-level brightness, cinematic contrast, and sublime colors with the OnePlus Open.

Minimum crease. Maximum smooth.

Bend the rules.
Our patented Flexion hinge mechanism, 8-axis pressure relief, and under-display micro-weaving significantly reduce creases.

The “waterdrop”-shaped tension relief mechanism ensures a larger bend radius, minimizing the display crease.

Our patented 0.15mm micro-weaving implemented on the carbon fiber structure enhances under-display support and reduces pressure.

OxygenOS 13.2

Game-changing multitasking you’ll finally love using.

With Open Canvas, extend split-screen apps and flow beyond the display. The screen giant upsizes your possibilities with more real estate.

For maximum multitasking, simply nudge, swipe, and pull to fast focus across multiple apps.

Splits. Hop and fast focus. Drag and drop sharing. Your apps, your way.

Dual splits and fast focus

Split the screen by swiping two fingers down the middle of the screen.
Quickly hop between apps with taps or nudges. Expand an app with fast focus, with the others ready on-demand.

Drag and drop sharing

Call recent apps by tapping the taskbar. Share recent files and photos directly from the taskbar by dragging them to apps.

Triple splits

Triple split by dragging the third app directly from the taskbar. Smart orientation ensures apps are displayed vertically or horizontally.

You can buy everything except time. Maximize yours with Pro tablet flexibility.

Analyzing data

Save time and effort.
Get the full picture with all of your data. With less back and forth, make the right call.

Reading content

View and read a book or report the way it was meant to be. With more screen space, there’s less time to waste.

Tune in for all-around sound.

Multi-spatial speakers

Unique to the OnePlus Open, go from stereo to hero with multiple “Reality” speakers synced up for spatial audio that moves around you.

Hasselblad Camera for Fold

Three sensors to surpass every Pro.

Main camera with OIS
48MP SONY LYT-T808 “Pixel Stacked” Sensor
1/1.43” sensor, 1.12 μm, ƒ/1.7, AF

Telephoto with OIS
64MP OV64B Sensor with 3X Optical Zoom
6X in-sensor zoom, 1/2” sensor, 0.7 μm, ƒ/2.6, AF

48MP Sony IMX581 with 114° FOV
1/2” sensor, ƒ/2.2, AF

Make nighttime the right time.

A “Pixel Stacked” Revolution.

The 48MP LYT-T808 quad-pixel main sensor showcases Sony’s game-changing “2-Layer Transistor Pixel” architecture. Light up the night with double the light for dazzling clarity.

64MP | 3X Optical Zoom | 6X In-sensor

The apex of imaging on any fold. Change your telephoto game with more framing flexibility and higher clarity – even in low light.
And, yes, the ridiculous 120X Ultra Res zoom is now in the frame.

Hasselblad Portrait Mode

Portraits in low light are our highlight.

To elevate portraits in low light, the cutting-edge cameras work in tandem. Capture near-DSLR-level depth tracking, natural bokeh, and flare effects taken by authentic Hasselblad cameras fitted with professional XCD lenses.

Shoot, view, and edit. Supersized.

Capture your visual stories in 4K at 60 fps, or in stunning 4K, Dolby Vision HDR format.

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