OnePlus Ace Pro

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6.7" 120Hz Fluid AMOLED Display
Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Processor
50 MP+8 MP+2 MP Triple Camera
Li-Po 4800 mAh Battery

120Hz super sensitive flexible straight screen
Once again, it comes with a good screen, which has the transparency of a flexible screen and the straightforwardness of 2.5D. The ultra-narrow bezel brings a sense of immersion. One billion color display, clear and accurate. Not only is the daily app smooth to use, but the game is also enjoyable.

4800mAh long-life battery,
The battery life is twice the industry standard of 800 times. After 1600 charge and discharge cycles, the effective life of the battery is still ≥80%, even after 4 years of use, it is still very durable.

It must be fast, long-lived, and considerate
Equipped with a smart charging engine, three charging scenarios are optimized, which can better take care of your daily life. Between fast charging, a long-life battery, and a better charging experience, OnePlus Ace Pro doesn't choose but wants them all.

GPA Ultimate Frame Stabilization | Graphics Heterogeneity | Super Sensitive Touch
The graphics heterogeneity of the game frame stabilization engine and the GPA frame stabilization technology make the game frame rate stable from the beginning to the end and last for a long time. Up to 720Hz sampling rate and 1000Hz touch response, every click is one step faster. It also supports super-sensing touch technology, and the movement of characters, attack aiming and other sliding during the game are handier.

16GB large memory,
The app runs smoothly to the end.
The 16GB true full blood version of LPDDR5 has a super large memory, the app startup speed has increased by 16%, and the background app keep alive has increased to 35, an increase of 40%. Not just to meet the smooth running of the moment. More importantly, it is to ensure that your Ace Pro is still smooth even after 4-6 years of use.

The heat dissipation system of the ice vein and snow mountain is
extremely cold, and the heat is quickly dissipated.
The new Ice Vein Snow Mountain heat dissipation system, in addition to 3D high-performance graphite, diamond thermal gel, and other heat dissipation materials, is even more exaggeratedly equipped with an eight-channel full-through VC with an area of up to 5177mm, and is the industry's first eight-channel heat dissipation design, with full heat dissipation Full. Let you play the game for a long time, and it is still cool to kill the Quartet.

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