Moto Watch 200

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1.78-inch Display
45mm Case Size
Microphone, Speaker
Moto Watch OS
Quick charge|355mAh
Accelerometer, HRM,
SpO2, Altimeter

Bluetooth Calling On An Ultra Crisp AMOLED Display.

The moto watch 200 was built for 24/7 wear, featuring up to 14 day battery life, fall detection alerts, and calling from your wrist. Measure your daily effort, and rest while receiving a sharable daily summary of your vitals. The moto watch 200 features Google Fit & Strava GPS integrations to enable you to see a consolidated view of your activities in the world's most popular fitness apps. The moto watch 200 features a stylish aluminum case, hardwearing silicone band, and 1.78'' premium AMOLED display.

Bright & Beautiful Just Like You

Experience 1.78" ultra HD AMOLED display and touchscreen support for easy navigation from your wrist. The MW200 screen is user friendly by using bold fonts on every screen. We made it easy to connect with those that matter most.

Measure your effort with daily vital reports

The Moto Watch 200 features a daily summary feature that helps you and your trusted circle receive the same vital information on a daily basis. Every day, the summary sends a history of your nightly rest, heart health activity, total movement, and a variety of vitals showing trends in your health. Great for staying connected to your family and friends.

Share your vitals with family & care takers

Ground breaking health, wellness and safety software to support Independent Senior Living.
Affordable fall-detection alerts, heart rate monitoring, SPO2 alerts and daily vitals update; we help you protect vulnerable loved ones!

Perform better around people just like you

Build your unique circle and achieve combined targets with like-minded people. Track your daily efforts, milestones and key events or any changes in your lifestyle to provide advanced health visibility.

Always-On Heart Tracking

With 24 hour a day heart monitoring, you’ll always have a clear understanding of your heart health through the day, and how it’s trending over time. The continuous heart rate monitors generate a minute by minute chart, and help you understand how your daily effort is affecting your heart health.

Connect easily with on-wrist calling

Connect and communicate with one tap on your wrist. Strengthen bonds within your circle by taking time for a simple check-in. When there is a fall detected, you can call your vulnerable loved one within one click.

On Wrist Messaging

Get notifications from your favorite apps. Silence apps that you don’t want to see, and enable your favorite apps to notify you on your wrist.

Ultra Long Battery Up to 14 Days

Charging should be the last thing on your mind when thinking about your watch. The Moto Watch 200 features 10 to 14 day battery life under normal usage conditions. When it’s time to charge, your watch will notify you, and it only takes 25 minutes to bring it back up to full charge.

In-Depth Sleep Tracking

Start your day off on the right foot. With 14 day battery life, you can wear your watch to bed every night. Receive a daily summary of your quality of sleep on your wrist, app or share via email and improve your day ahead.

There are no wrong turns

With accurate built-in GPS tracking you won't get lost. Turn on a GPS activity when you're out for walk, run or bike ride and communicate your efforts and achievements with your trusted circle on Strava and Google Fit.

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