Google Pixel Fold - 256GB 12GB RAM - Porcelain

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5.8" FHD+ OLED External Display
7.6" OLED Internal Folding Display
Google Tensor G2, Titan M2 security coprocessor
48 MP Quad PD with OIS + CLAF Camera
9.5 MP Dual PD Front camera
8 MP, ƒ/2.0 Inner camera
Li-Po 4821 mAh Battery

Pixel Fold

Power and innovation. Folded into one.

Google’s first foldable. Brilliant in every way.
The powerful processor you’ll only find on Pixel. | Split Screen lets you do two things at once. | The best camera on a foldable phone. | The highest-rated security features. | Pairs perfectly with Pixel Buds, Watch, and Tablet.

A full 5.8" Pixel phone when it’s folded. Unfolded, you get a 7.6" immersive display.
The most durable hinge on a foldable. And the thinnest foldable of all.
It’s ready for spills and splashes. The battery can last all day long.

The power and speed of Google Tensor G2.

Custom-made for Pixel, Google Tensor G2 makes Pixel Fold fast and secure, with smooth multitasking and video streaming. And it brings Google AI to Pixel with features like Live Translate using both screens.

Tensor G2. The chip behind it all.

Boosts battery life.
Every aspect of Tensor G2 is designed to improve Pixel’s performance and efficiency for great battery life. It runs Google’s machine-learning models with less power and latency. And it makes Pixel phones super fast and helpful.

Secure to the core.
Tensor G2 uses Protected Computing to safeguard your apps. And Tensor’s built-in security core works with the certified Titan M2 security chip to keep your PINs and passwords safe. Titan M2 meets the same rigorous protection guidelines trusted by banks, carriers, and governments.

Stunning photos, videos, and selfies.
The advanced image processors in Tensor G2 and Google’s cutting-edge computational photography work together to improve the quality and processing speed of your photos. With Rear Camera Selfie, Google AI enables the highest-quality selfies on any Pixel yet.

Immersive video from screen to screen.
Tensor G2 enables seamless display continuity so video moves smoothly from the outer display to the inner display when you open your Pixel Fold. With upgraded image processing capabilities and 10-bit HDR video, video quality is amazing whether you watch on your Pixel Fold or your big-screen TV.

Do even more. In so many more ways.
The Tensor G2 chip powers responsive multitasking on Pixel Fold with Split Screen. Unfold the large display and run two apps side by side to unlock new levels of productivity – like reviewing documents while on a Meet call or messaging a friend while streaming video.

Super intelligent dictation and new ways to translate.
The chip runs Google’s latest advanced speech recognition, which gets better over time. It also enables Dual Screen translation for the first time on Pixel. Translations appear on Pixel Fold’s inner and outer screens in real time while you’re talking.

A massive upgrade for multitasking.

Split Screen lets you do two things at once.
Simply drag two apps up from the taskbar to quickly open them side by side. Easily pull up a presentation while you’re on a video call or shop and compare across Chrome tabs.

Drag. Drop. Done.
Just drag and drop images, videos, links, and text from one app to another. It’s a super fast and easy way to share.

The translation is even more natural with Dual Screen.
Live Translate interpreter mode makes it even easier to have face-to-face conversations in different languages. With Dual Screen support, translations appear on Pixel Fold’s inside and outside screens while you’re talking.

The best camera on a foldable phone.

Pixel’s triple rear camera system
Pixel Fold’s unique form lets you express your creativity with brilliant rear camera selfies and the highest-quality zoom on a foldable.2 Explore the specs to see how.

10.8 MP ultrawide rear lens
With a 121.1° field of view, the ultrawide lens can get more of the landscape and show you things you wouldn’t otherwise see in your photos.

48 MP main rear lens
The large main sensor, with a super fast and sharp ????/1.7 aperture, allows for great low-light photography, and amazing Night Sight photos.

5x folded telephoto rear lens
The Pixel Fold camera has a dedicated 5x optical zoom, with up to 20x Super Res Zoom. So you can get super sharp close-ups from far away.

Step up your selfies with the rear camera.
Unfold your phone, frame yourself with the front display, and snap a high-quality Rear Camera Selfie.

Your best photos. Hands down.

With hands-free photos, everyone’s included.
Take a hands-free group photo with the inner or rear lens. Just place Pixel Fold on a surface in tabletop mode, set a timer, and jump in the frame. Or say “Hey Google, take a selfie.

Breathtaking astrophotography without the tripod.
Take a timelapse or photo of the stars with Pixel Fold in tabletop mode.

Only possible on Pixel.

Real Tone represents different skin tones beautifully.
Using our most inclusive camera technology, Pixel adjusts the color balance and lighting to accurately represent skin tones so everyone feels seen.

Fix your blurry photos.
Even your old ones.
Photo Unblur in Google Photos improves your blurry pics, new or old – even the ones you didn’t take on Pixel. Remove blur and visual noise with a few taps on the large display.

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